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    We, BHARDWAJ PHARMACEUTICAL WORKS are renowned manufacturer and exporter of Herbal Medicines and Herbal Products. Range of products available with us encompasses generic and patent products. Each of these medicines are hygienically prepared at our manufacturing unit furnished advanced machines and tools. We are in search of PAN India ayurvedic distributors. Please, mail us at bhardwajayur@yahoo.com for inquiry.
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    Chandan Bala Lakshadi Taila: Kwath Dravyas: Safed chandan, Khareti, Lakh, Khus Water for Kwath Kalka Dravyas: Safed chandan, Khus, Mulethi, Soya, Kutaki, Devdaru, Haldi, Kuth, Majith, Agar, Netrabala, Asgandh, Khareti, Daruhaldi, Marodphali, Nagarmotha, Muli, Sukshmela, Dalchini, Nagkesar, Rasna, Laksha, Ajmoda, Champa, Safed anantmul, Pila chandan, Sendhava lavana, Vidh lavana Sneha Dravya: Till Taila Drava Dravya: Dugdh Chandanbala LaKshadi Taila uses: It is used to apply all over the body and massage â?? to relieve itching, blisters, burning sensation in eyes, fever, headache, tiredness and emaciation. It is used for internal administration in cases of cold, cough, asthma, bleeding diseases, heavy menstrual bleeding and oligospermia. Effect on Dosha - Balances Pitta and Kapha How to use Chandanabala Lakshadi Taila? It is used for nasal instillation in a dose of 2 â?? 8 drops, as directed by Ayurvedic doctor. It is also used for massage. For regd. doctors or laboratory use only. chandan bala lakshadi taila supplier| Drakshasava Retailer| Dashmularishta retailer in indore| ayurvedic medicine for gastritis| Dashmularishta supplier| Punarnavasava wholeseller| Dashmularishta manufacturer| ayurcarmin syrup supplier| Chandanasava retailer| Chandanasava wholeseller| ayurvedic medicine for weight loss| Bhunimbadi kwath wholeseller| Ashwagandharishta manufacturer| Ayurvedic medicine for leg swelling| Dashmularishta wholeseller| Ashwagandharishta wholeseller| Bhunimbadi kwath supplier| fat| Mahasudarshan kwath retailer| ayurvedic syrup for gastritis| Bhunimbadi kwath manufacturer| Ashwagandharishta retailer| Dashmularishta retailer| Punarnavasava retailer| abhayarishta| fat loss medicine| weight loss medicine is ayurveda| Ayurvedic medicine for viral fever| constipation ayurvedic medicine| ayurvedic medicine for constipation| Kumari Asava no.3 supplier| Khadirarishta supplier| Chandanasava manufacturer| Ayurvedic medicine for strength| Bhunimbadi Kwath retailer| Khadirarishta retailer| best ayurvedic medicine for weight loss| Pathyadi kvatha bulk supplier| Chandanasava supplier| Ayurvedic medicine for swelling in body| Drakshasava supplier| Ayurvedic weight loss capsules| Dashmularishta supplier in Indore| Ayurvedic medicine for swelling| Ayurvedic medicine for swelling in legs| ayurvedic treatment for diabetes| abhayarishta online| Ayurvedic medicine for acne| Drakshasava manufacturer| Khadirarishta manufacturer| Pathyadi kvatha manufacturer| ayurvedic treatment for piles| Punarnavasava supplier| best ayurvedic medicine for fat loss| Punarnavasava bulk supplier| chandan bala lakshadi taila retailer| ayurvedic medicine for| piles medicines| Khadirarishta wholeseller| Chandan bala lakshadi taila manufacturer| Ayurvedic medicine for skin problems| ayurvedic medicine for body p| Ayurvedic medicines for pimples| Kumari Asava no.3 manufacturer| mahasudarshan kwath for fever| Ashwagandharishta supplier| ayurvedic syrup for constipation| Kumari asava no.3 retailer| maharasnadi kwath for body stiffness| Mahamajishthadi Kwath Pravahi| Punarnavasava manufacturer| Asava Arishta| Mahasudarshan kwath manufacturer| Ayurvedic medicine for fever| kumari asava no.3 wholeseller| Mahasudarshan kwath supplier| weight loss medicine| Mahasudarshan kwath wholeseller| Mahasudarshan kwath bulk supplier| Ayurvedic medicine for gastritis| Ayurvedic medicine for all kinds of fever| Pathyadi kvatha wholeseller| Pathyadi kvatha retailer| Drakshasava wholeseller| ayurvedic syrup for gas| ayurcarmin syrup manufacturer| ayurvedic medicine for anorexia| maharasnadi kwath retailer| Pathyadi Kvatha supplier| ayurvedic medicine for indigestion| ayurcarmin syrup retailer| diabetes medicine| ayurvedic medicine online| ayurvedic medicine for gas| ayurvedic medicine for diabetes| ayurvedic medicine for joint pain| maharasnadi kwath for body ache| maharasnadi kwath supplier| maharasnadi kwath for arthritis| maharasnadi kwath manufacture
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